Pak Mail Measured a 1,000% Boost in Leads 

From Big Footprint's integrated organic/paid search efforts and new website development.


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Big Footprint Drives Measurable Results

Pak Mail engaged Big Footprint in the fall of 2012 to revamp their entire digital strategy. At that time, suffered from a number of digital challenges that were identified through our Opportunity Report:
  • The website received a large portion of its total traffic and visits from Paid Search marketing, which were lower quality visitors than the industry benchmark at that time and were expensive due to broad targeting.
  • The Organic traffic to the site was low and comprised almost entirely of brand searches.
  • The website was plagued by a number of major Technical and On-Site SEO deficiencies.
  • The website was lacking a strategy to drive direct, measurable value for the franchisees and their locations.
  • It did not drive users to store websites, pages, or physical locations
  • It did not capture customer information as leads
  • Analytics did not track meaningful conversions (Goals were set to track generic page views and engagement as opposed to form submissions and real revenue-driving activities)


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How Pak Mail Succeeded

Big Footprint's organic search efforts continue to drive measurable impact for Pak Mail. A few tangible examples of this fact include:


Total visits to increased from their low prior to Big Footprint’s engagement, reaching new peaks each holiday season. experienced systematic growth in Organic traffic since the launch of the website with Big Footprint’s strategy and optimizations. Average monthly visits increased 73%.




Leads have risen each year and now average 1,435 per month.

Big Footprint developed an advanced lead capture and routing platform for Pak Mail. The estimate form boasts a 16% completion rate.


1,000% More Leads  •   73% More Site Visits •  Effective Lead Conversion
I Want Results Like That
Big Footprint won BMA's coveted "Best Results" and Gold Key awards 3 of the last 4 years.



Big Footprint won BMA's coveted "Best Results" & Gold Key awards 3 of the last 4 years (2012 - 2015)

Goals & Results

The new website and ongoing strategy drove direct, measurable results tied to our initial goals.
We’ve undoubtedly hit our goals and continued to push those further as Pak Mail has moved into Freight Shipping.