Condit Achieved a 696% ROI 

From Big Footprint's integrated organic and paid search efforts.


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Big Footprint Drives Measurable Results

How do you "own" a keyword category and generate leads? Big Footprint's strategy was to use SEO to ensure constant visibility within search results for keywords interested prospects and personas might search for during their research and buyer's journey. 

The SEO process began with Keyword Research designed to illustrate the opportunity and identify the optimal keyword targets. The outcome of this process allowed Big Footprint to integrate keyword-driven topical content into a revised information architecture. This process included development of all pages as well as sales materials produced by Condit and optimized by Big Footprint. After these foundational optimizations were completed, tactics shifted to link earning through online press releases, outreach campaigns to partners and local media, additional content asset development, and distribution of that content through B2B-focused social channels.


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How Condit Succeeded

Big Footprint's organic search efforts continue to drive measurable impact for Condit. Organic search is without a doubt Condit's most valuable source of traffic and revenue.  A few tangible examples of this fact include:


Organic search drove 57% of all form submission leads on the website, and 89% of inbound phone calls in 2014.


109% increase in organic traffic to the website, and a 41% increase in total traffic year-over-year.




Condit now ranks in the coveted "Top 3" for multiple high-value keywords in this category, including "temporary structures," "hospitality structures," "double deck structures," and a variety of other terms in the category.


As a result of organic search, Condit closed several high-value, high-visibility projects



696% ROI  •   SEO Drove 57%  of New Leads •  Organic Traffic Increased 109%
I Want Results Like That
Big Footprint won BMA's coveted "Best Results" and Gold Key awards 3 of the last 4 years.



Big Footprint won BMA's coveted "Best Results" & Gold Key awards 3 of the last 4 years